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NH Cigars has been selling premium cigars online since 2004. It all started when the founder Mike Johnson a U.S. Army Veteran (11B) and his high school friend Robert Lynch decided to hang up their construction tools and start a cigar store in Manchester, NH. In the beginning It was very hard with long hours and little sleep, constantly tweaking the cigar inventory every day, constantly trying to make things better for our customers. Just like every successful business out there it’s very difficult, but if you love what you do, it’s not work, it’s a way of life.

Realizing that the internet was starting to become a big deal and our customers were ordering cigars online, we made the decision to change with the times and start NHCIGARS.COM. Since we’re located in Tax Free New Hampshire and there is zero state tax on premium cigars, we could compete with the big guys. We took full advantage of this.

Breaking into the website world was a daunting task in 2004. Scams everywhere you look, and hacks everywhere. We decided to learn everything about websites on our own after getting burned a bunch of times. NH Cigars does everything in-house. Our team of experts work 24/7 on the site and are the best in the business. After 20 years of website eCommerce experience, we learned the hard way what not to do, and what to do right. Fast forward to today we are on top of the game with 1000’s of cigar brands in-stock.

NH Cigars ships millions of the best cigars to our customers every year, and even across the globe. We also have been shipping cigars to our Armed Service members overseas since day one. They appreciate it, and we appreciate them even more. We truly enjoy the mission of our eCommerce cigar website and it’s still exciting to us every single day. We are extremely fortunate and grateful to each and every customer we have or will have in the future.

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