Padron Family Reserve 95 Maduro (4.75″ x 60) Box of 10

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Padron Family Reserve 95 Year Maduro 

A larger sized Family Reserve measuring in at 4.75″ x 60 ring gauge. Pro Tip: The larger the ring gauge the better the draw and smoothness.

The Padron 95 Maduro is a distinguished addition to the renowned Padron 1926 Series, celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and rich, complex flavor profile. Handcrafted in Nicaragua, this cigar showcases a meticulously aged blend of premium Nicaraguan tobaccos, wrapped in a luscious, dark Maduro leaf.

The Maduro wrapper, aged for a minimum of two and a half years, imparts a deep, natural sweetness and a hint of earthy richness that complements the robust core of the cigar. The result is a medium-to-full-bodied smoke that captivates the senses with layers of cocoa, espresso, and subtle spices, all harmoniously balanced for a sophisticated smoking experience.

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