Padron Family Reserve 85 Maduro (5.25″ x 50) Box of 10


Padron Family Reserve #85 Maduro

Padron Family Reserve 85 Year: Received a solid 94-point rating and was ranked #4 Cigar of the Year in 2012!

Explore the unmatched richness of the Padron Family Reserve 85 Maduro, a standout within the revered Padron Family Reserve series.

Meticulously crafted, this Maduro variant promises an extraordinary smoking experience, marked by flawless construction and a captivating dark wrapper. With the first draw, relish a symphony of flavors as black pepper and earthy undertones intertwine, creating an intense introduction. Unveiling complexity throughout the smoke, notes of cocoa, espresso, and subtle sweetness elegantly linger.

What distinguishes the Padron Family Reserve 85 Maduro is its exceptional aging process, ensuring a luxurious and smooth journey. Tailored for aficionados who appreciate a full-bodied profile, this Maduro variant expertly balances strength and flavor, echoing the Padron family’s legacy. Immerse yourself in the uniqueness of the Padron Family Reserve 85 Maduro—a celebration of heritage and excellence in the world of fine cigars.


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