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How Does Acid Cigars Get That Unique Flavor ?

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Generally Acid cigars are categorized as flavored cigars in the cigar industry world, but that’s not really an accurate description. Yes acid cigars have a somewhat of a sweet taste to them when smoking them, but that’s generally from the sugary glue they use for the caps on the end of the cigars. The cigar glue to hold the caps in place is called (pectin) or (vegetable glue). Pectin is a food safe glue, similar to the back of postage stamps. In the cigar factories, the rollers can enhance the glue taste by adding more sugar to it, or sugary syrups. This is one of the detailed steps Drew Estates does when making Acid Cigars.

Also yes, the Acid cigars are all hand-rolled cigars. Hand-rolled cigars are considered premium. Machine rolled cigars in the gas station are not premium since those kinds get made with garbage tobacco, worst part is they get dyed or sprayed with chemicals to make them taste somewhat normal.

The aging process with Drew Estates and Acid Cigars is a unique one. Drew Estates farms and harvests their own tobacco generally in Nicaragua which is extremely difficult and a science in its own right. Drew Estates will often use different types of essential oils to infuse their tobacco while aging it. Above all Drew Estates is probably one of the only cigar factories to do this and to get it right. Basically this added extra step is what gave Acid Cigars a unique niche in the premium cigar industry.

This is a small picture of how the Acid Cigar Flavors are created. Obviously there is a whole lot more going on down at the factory, I’m making sound like it’s not a big deal, but it’s very hard work as it’s a science to what they have accomplished over the years. It took Drew Estates a longtime to be accepted in premium cigar market, but now after 25 years in the business and in 2024 they’re in the top 10 selling cigar brands in the country and probably even in the world.

Breaking Down Acid Cigar Flavors:

Acid Blue Series:

These are the typical Acid cigars you’ll see advertised everywhere and on every cigar shelf across America. The Acid Blue line by Drew Estate is a standout collection known for its unique infusion process and captivating aromatic flavors. It caters to cigar enthusiasts who seek a sweet, aromatic, and relaxing smoking experience. Each cigar in the Blue Acid series offers a distinct flavor profile, crafted to intrigue both new and experienced cigar aficionados.

    Acid Blue Label Cigar

Popular Acid Blue Cigars Include:

Acid Blue Infusion Process:

The secret behind the Blue Acid Cigars’ distinctive flavor lies in their infusion process. Unlike traditional cigars, which rely solely on tobacco’s natural flavors, Acid Cigars are infused with a proprietary blend of botanicals, essential oils, and natural herbs. This process adds layers of aroma and flavor to the cigars, creating a multi-sensory experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

The Acid Blue Label collection is a unique offering that stands out from traditional cigars. Its infusion process creates a variety of complex flavors and aromas, appealing to a wide range of cigar enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a sweet, floral, or herbal smoking experience, the Blue Acid series has a cigar to suit your taste. With its aromatic and approachable character, this collection is ideal for those exploring the world of cigars or seasoned aficionados seeking something different and memorable.

Acid Red Series

The Red Label Acid Cigars by Drew Estate are renowned for their bold, intense flavors and vibrant aromatic profiles. This collection is designed for cigar aficionados who prefer stronger cigars with a distinctive edge. The Red Label series offers a range of flavors that are more robust, with spicy and earthy undertones. Most of the Acid Red Labels use African Cameroon Wrappers for a sweet taste.

Acid One Red Label Cigars

Popular Acid Red Cigars Include:

Acid Red Infusion Process:

The unique infusion process used in Acid Cigars involves a careful blend of botanicals, essential oils, and other aromatic compounds. For the Red Label series, this infusion leans toward a more intense and potent combination of flavors, resulting in cigars that stand out for their bold character and rich complexity.

Acid Green Series

The Acid Green series by Drew Estate is known for its unique and exotic flavor profiles, offering cigar enthusiasts a delightful blend of tropical and herbal infusions. These cigars are designed for those who appreciate a refreshing and vibrant smoking experience, with a lighter touch compared to other Acid cigar lines. The Acid Green Label uses a Candela wrapper which gives the cigars an extra kick of sweetness.

Green Label Cigars

Popular Acid Green Cigars Include:

Acid Green Infusion Process:

The Acid Green series employs Drew Estate’s signature infusion process, which blends high-quality tobacco with a unique combination of botanicals, essential oils, and other natural substances. This process creates a distinctive flavor and aroma that sets the Acid Green cigars apart from traditional cigars. The Green series focuses on refreshing and herbal notes, often with a tropical twist.


Acid Purple (Morado) Series

The Acid Purple series by Drew Estate is a collection of cigars renowned for their bold, robust flavors and deep aromatic profiles. This series is designed for those who enjoy a strong and intense smoking experience, with a blend of dark and complex infusions. The Acid Purple line offers cigars with a rich tobacco base complemented by a unique mix of botanical and herbal elements. The Acid Purple Label cigars use a well-aged Maduro wrapper which give the cigars a extra kick of strength, along with nice added flavor.

Acid Purple Label Cigars

Popular Acid Purple Cigars Include:

  • Krush Morado Maduro
  • Plush
  • Extra Ordinary Larry

Acid Purple Infusion Process:

The Acid Purple series utilizes Drew Estate’s signature infusion process, incorporating a diverse range of botanicals, essential oils, and other natural substances. This process results in cigars with a unique and complex flavor profile that is both aromatic and robust. The Purple series leans toward stronger, more intense infusions, offering a richer and fuller smoking experience.

Acid Gold Label Series

The Gold Label Acid Cigars by Drew Estate are known for their refined and sophisticated flavor profiles, offering a unique combination of sweetness, floral notes, and exotic botanicals. This collection is designed for cigar enthusiasts who enjoy a balanced and smooth smoking experience, with a touch of luxury. Let’s explore the flavor profiles of Acid Gold Label cigars and what makes them distinct within the Acid family.

Acid Gold Label Infusion Process

The Gold Label series employs Drew Estate’s signature infusion process, which uses a carefully selected blend of botanicals, essential oils, and other aromatic substances to create a cigar with a unique flavor and aroma. The Gold Label cigars tend to focus on lighter and sweeter infusions, as a result making the Acid Gold Label Cigars more approachable for a wide range of cigar smokers.

Acid Gold Label Image

Popular Acid Gold Cigars Include:

The Acid Gold Label Cigars are designed for those who seek a smooth and balanced smoking experience. The infusion process creates a unique blend of sweet and floral notes, with a touch of exotic botanicals, making these cigars stand out from traditional, non-infused cigars. The Gold Label series is ideal for those who appreciate a milder smoke with a hint of luxury and refinement. The Acid Gold Label cigars use a well-aged Sumatra Wrapper.

 Each Acid cigar has its own personal flavor profile and blend:

Acid Kuba Kuba: One of the most popular Acid Cigars, the Kuba Kuba features a sweet and smooth flavor profile. It has notes of natural tobacco with a sweet infusion that could include vanilla, honey, or other subtle spices.

Acid Blondie: This cigar offers a mild to medium strength with a sweet and floral aroma. It has hints of vanilla, honey, and other botanical elements, providing a smooth and pleasant smoking experience.

Acid Toast: Known for its robust and complex flavors, the Toast cigar has a rich tobacco base complemented by darker, earthy notes, with hints of coffee and chocolate. It might also contain subtle spicy undertones.

Acid 1400cc: This cigar features a smooth and creamy profile with subtle sweet flavors. It has a blend of herbal and floral notes, creating a light and enjoyable smoking experience.

Acid Cold Infusion: With a lighter body, this cigar has a pronounced herbal and floral flavor. It incorporates a blend of tea, chamomile, and other aromatic elements, giving it a refreshing taste.

Acid Nasty: As its name suggests, this cigar has a bolder and more intense flavor profile. It leans toward earthy and spicy notes, with a slightly heavier smoke and strong tobacco character.

Acid Deep Dish: Known for its large size and distinct flavor, this cigar has a robust tobacco base with a balance of sweet and floral infusions. It provides a rich and smooth smoke.

Acid Roam: A milder cigar with a creamy and sweet profile, the Roam has floral and herbal undertones, creating a gentle and relaxing experience.

Acid Cigar Pros:

1. Unique Flavor Profiles
Acid Cigars are infused with a blend of botanicals, essential oils, and other aromatic compounds, creating a wide range of unique flavors. From sweet and floral to earthy and spicy, these cigars offer a distinct smoking experience that stands out from traditional cigars.

2. Approachable for Beginners
The variety of flavors and the sweeter notes in some Acid Cigars make them an excellent choice for beginners. The aromatic and often milder profiles can be more welcoming for those new to cigars, providing an accessible entry point into cigar smoking.

3. Diverse Range of Options
Acid Cigars come in various sizes, shapes, and flavor intensities. This diversity allows smokers to choose cigars that match their preferences, whether they enjoy mild or bold cigars. The extensive range encourages exploration and experimentation with different flavors and styles.

4. Aromatic and Pleasant
The infusion process gives Acid Cigars a pleasant aroma, often enjoyed by both smokers and those around them. This aromatic quality can make them more socially acceptable in settings where traditional cigars might be too strong or unpleasant.

5. Quality Craftsmanship
Drew Estate, the manufacturer of Acid Cigars, is known for its quality craftsmanship. The construction of Acid Cigars is generally high-quality, with consistent draws and even burns, providing a reliable smoking experience.

6. Social Acceptance
Because of their unique aroma and varied flavors, Acid Cigars can be more socially acceptable in mixed settings. The pleasant scent can be a conversation starter and may not be as off-putting as traditional cigar smoke.

7. Innovative Approach
Acid Cigars represent an innovative approach to cigar making. The infusion process and the wide range of flavors demonstrate a creative and experimental spirit, attracting cigar enthusiasts looking for something different from traditional cigars.

8. Accessible in Various Formats
Acid Cigars are available in different formats, from small cigars for a quick smoke to larger cigars for extended sessions. This versatility allows smokers to choose a format that suits their schedule and smoking habits.


Acid Cigar Cons:

1. Unconventional Flavors
Acid Cigars are infused with a mix of botanicals, essential oils, and other aromatic compounds, resulting in flavors that differ significantly from traditional cigars. For cigar purists and those who prefer the natural taste of tobacco, these infusions might seem overly sweet or artificial, making them less appealing.

2. Limited Appeal to Traditionalists
Traditional cigar aficionados often seek the classic flavors of tobacco, with nuanced earthy, woody, and leathery notes. The unconventional flavors in Acid Cigars can be a turnoff for these traditionalists, limiting their appeal within the broader cigar community.

3. Overpowering Aromas
While some appreciate the aromatic qualities of Acid Cigars, others find them overpowering. The strong infusions can produce scents that linger in the air and on clothing, which can be off-putting in social settings where others prefer less intense smells.

4. Higher Price Point
Due to the complex infusion process and the use of high-quality materials, Acid Cigars often come at a higher price compared to traditional cigars of similar size and quality. This could be a deterrent for budget-conscious smokers or those who prefer to spend less on cigars.

5. Inconsistent Availability
The popularity of certain Acid Cigar lines can lead to inconsistent availability. If a specific flavor or size becomes popular, it might be hard to find, leading to frustration among loyal customers who have specific preferences.

6. Perceived as Gimmicky
The infusion process and unique flavors can be seen as gimmicky by some in the cigar community. Traditionalists might view Acid Cigars as novelty items rather than serious cigars, potentially impacting their perception among experienced cigar enthusiasts.