Padron Family Reserve 45 Natural (6″ x 52) Box of 10


Padron Family Reserve 45 Year Natural

The Padron Family Reserve 45 Year Natural offers a rich and sophisticated taste. When you first draw, you’ll notice a mix of black pepper and earthy tones, creating an intense start. As you continue, the flavors evolve, bringing in notes of leather, dark cocoa, espresso, and a subtle sweetness that lingers on your palate. The #45 Natural received a well-deserved 95-rating and was ranked #4 Cigar of the Year in 2018!

The extra aging process adds to the smoothness, making it a delightful smoking experience. Designed for those who prefer a medium-bodied taste, the Padron 44 perfectly balances the bold flavors, showcasing the Padron family’s expertise in crafting exceptional cigars.


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