Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro (5.5″ x 56) Box of 10


Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro

Padron Family Reserve 46 Year received a well-deserved 92-point rating as of 2021!

Discover the unparalleled excellence of the Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro, a standout gem within the prestigious Padron Family Reserve series.

Crafted with meticulous attention, this Maduro variant promises a rich and indulgent smoking experience. Impeccably constructed with a dark and inviting wrapper, it offers a visual hint of the complexity that awaits. From the initial draw, experience a symphony of flavors, as black pepper and earthy undertones create an intense and captivating introduction.

Throughout the smoke, layers of complexity unfold, revealing nuanced notes of cocoa, espresso, and a subtle lingering sweetness. What sets the Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro apart is its exceptional aging process, ensuring a luxurious and smooth journey. Tailored for enthusiasts who appreciate a full-bodied profile, this variant perfectly balances strength and flavor, echoing the Padron family’s legacy of crafting premium cigars.

Explore the unique masterpiece that is the Padron Family Reserve 46 Maduro, a celebration of heritage and an embodiment of excellence in the world of fine cigars.


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