Fuente Rothschild Natural Cigars

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Fuente Rothschild Natural Cigars

Fuente Rothschild Natural Cigars
List Price: $220.00
Price: $117.99
Weight: 3 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
4.5 inches
Short Robusto

Fuente Rothchild cigars are probably the most famous names among all Arturo Fuente cigars. The Fuente cigars have an aged seamless peppery Cameroon wrapper. Fuente cigars are known to be very consistent with a depth of flavor at an affordable price. It's a medium bodied cigar which means these cigars are geared for all cigar smokers alike.The Fuente cigars are probably the most famous names among all cigar smokers. The Fuente Rothchild cigars are very different from all of the other Arturo Fuente cigars such as the Hemmingway, Opus X, or the Don Carlos. The filler in the Fuente Rothchild cigars have an ultra rich Dominican blend that is blended by the Carlos Fuente himself. If you never heard Carlos Fuente let me explain, this guy has built the reputation of Arturo Fuente brand he is the heart and soul behind all Arturo Fuente cigars that you have smoked, and let me assure you he knows what he is doing. The Arturo Fuente Rothchild cigars are by far the most popular cigars among the Fuente line. Any of the Fuente cigars will not disappoint you.

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