Cain Daytona by Oliva No. 4 (5″ x 43) Box of 24

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Cain Daytona by Oliva

Indulge in the exquisite Cain Daytona, a Nicaraguan puro crafted solely from the finest long-leaf ligeros sourced from the coveted Jalapa Valley. These premium leaves were meticulously cultivated from authentic Cuban seeds, ensuring an unparalleled smoking experience. Discover the exquisite smoothness and richness of Jalapa tobaccos – a mainstay in crafting perfectly balanced, full-bodied blends. Oliva has masterfully crafted a luxurious blend by harmoniously combining these exquisite tobaccos. The result is a sophisticated and perfectly balanced smoking experience that exudes elegance. Experience a tantalizing finish with subtle hints of pepper and sweet notes that perfectly complement the deep coffee and rich tobacco flavors.

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