Caldwell Blind Man Bluff CT Magnum (6″ x 60) Box of 20


Caldwell Blind Mans Puff Connecticut Magnum Box of 20

The Magnum is the, you guess it, the bigger ring gauge cigar in the line up. Measuring in at 6″ x 60 the “Caldwell Blind Mans Puff Connecticut Magnum” cigar is a showcase of blending expertise. Adorned with a Connecticut wrapper and carefully curated tobaccos, it promises a nuanced and accessible smoking venture. Creamy nuances initiate the journey, gradually unfurling into delicate spices and woody hints.

With a mild-to-medium body, it caters to both experienced enthusiasts and novices. The Magnum’s flawless construction and smooth draw underscore Caldwell’s dedication to craftsmanship. Whether relished in peaceful solitude or shared camaraderie, it epitomizes a harmonious fusion of approachable indulgence, inviting all to relish its understated yet gratifying charms.

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