Caldwell Long Live King MOFO Maduro Belicoso (5.5″ x 52) Box of 10


Caldwell Long Live King MOFO Maduro Belicoso

This fine cigar boasts a heart of the legendary Corojo ’98 and Pennsylvania double ligero filler tobacco, embraced by a smooth Indonesian binder. Its flavor profile is renowned for its tantalizing spiciness that will leave you wanting more. Ah, my dear friend, let me regale you with the intricate tale of this delectable treat. Milk chocolate, with its velvety smoothness, dances a waltz with the bold and daring black pepper. The woody notes, reminiscent of a forest at dusk, join in the merriment, while the leather undertones provide a sturdy foundation for this flavor symphony. Truly, a masterpiece for the senses.

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