Hawaiian Breeze Vanilla Latte Cigar Sampler


Hawaiian Breeze Vanilla Latte 16 Cigar Sampler

Indulge in the captivating essence of the Hawaiian Breeze Vanilla and Latte cigar sampler, a meticulously crafted blend that whisks you away to the tranquil Pacific shores with each draw. Imbued with the tropical allure of Hawaiian breezes and the sweet richness of Vanilla and Latte, this handcrafted cigar offers a distinctive and luxurious smoking experience. Enveloped in a carefully chosen tobacco leaf, the cigar ensures a velvety smooth draw that reveals the nuanced fusion of premium tobacco and the creamy notes of Vanilla or Latte. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar connoisseur or a newcomer, the Hawaiian Breeze Vanilla and Latte cigars, promises a moment of pure relaxation and escape, inviting you to savor the island-inspired aroma and the decadent sweetness of vanilla in every delightful puff.

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