Oliva Serie V Lancero (7″x38) Box of 36

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Oliva Serie V Lancero Box of 36

The Oliva Series V is no stranger to high 90+ point ratings. In 2019 the Series V received an outstanding 94-point rating and was ranked #6 cigar out of the Top 25 cigars of 2019. Oliva has one powerhouse of a smoke on their hands, and its name, V. The Oliva Series V cigars are chock full of Ligero tobaccos which yields to an amazingly smooth but punchy flavors.

The deal with the Lancero sized cigars is that they’re hard to make perfect, and one that burns evenly. Most major cigar companies don’t even try to make Lancero’s since is such a pain in the ass to make, but the Oliva cigar gang have been producing perfect lancero’s for years. This is as good as it gets folks in Lancero world. Buy a box if we have them in stock because these sell ultra quickly.

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