Padron Serie 1926 No.47 (5.5″ x 50) Box of 24

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Padron 1926 No.47 Natural Free Shipping

Padron 1926 No.47 Natural is one of the latest full throttle cigars from Padron and Company. The blend in the No.47 Natural has hints of dark chocolate, hazel nuts, leather, coffee, and spiciness. This cigar was introduced as a newly added size into the Padron 1926 portfolio in 2023. The Padron 1926 cigars are always incredible as usual, but this cigar is the perfect size at 5.5″ x 50. Box pressed and Robusto in shape make this cigar outstanding.

The Padrón Anniversary Series 1926 is a limited-edition cigar that is box-pressed and comes in Maduro or Natural wrappers. Taking a drag from a Padron is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Buy the Padron 1926 No.47 Natural cigars if they’re in stock because they sell quick.


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