Zippo Butane Insert Z-Plus 2.0


Everyone loves their beloved zippo lighter. The only thing that sucks about a zippo is you have to use zippo fluid. The American Icon is a timeless design, and also had a big part in WW2.

Zippo’s were originally issued to the service men and women who fought with unimageable courage in WW2. Soldiers used Zippos to light time fuse on explosives, tobacco, trading for goods, gambling debts, good luck charms, and even stopped a few bullets to save lives.

If you don’t like the taste or smell of zippo fluid, here is the fix. Let me introduce you to the Vertigo Z-Plus 2.0 Double Torch Flame Lighter Insert By Lotus. A fail safe design, tough as nails, and fits right into your favorite zippo. Butane refillable with a double torch flame adjustment. It’s too easy fellas. A clean taste with when lighting up that cigar !

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