AVO # 3 Tubos Cigars

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AVO  Classic No.3  Tubos
AVO # 3 Tubos Cigars
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AVO # 3 Tubos Cigars

AVO  Classic No.3  Tubos
List Price: $280.00
Price: $164.99
Weight: 3 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
7.25 inches

AVO # 3 Tubos Classic - box of 20 cigars - was originally created by Zino Davidoff for internationally-acclaimed pianist Avo Uvezian to keep by his piano. AVO Classic Cigar a medley of five diverse Dominican tobaccos grown in the rich Cibao Valley surrounded by silky, blonde U.S. Connecticut wrappers offer you a mild, creamy smoke with an extraordinary balance of flavors that roll off the palate like one of Avo's intricate piano solos. What's really awesome about these AVO # 3 cigars is that they are made by the best cigar makers out there for a fraction of the white label Davidoff price. The Avo # 3 cigars are very mild and smooth, so these cigars are great for any new or veteran cigar smoker out there. The consistency is out standing on all Avo No. 3 cigars, so be prepared for awesomeness.

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