Kristoff Limitada Corojo - Matador

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Kristoff Limitada Corojo - Matador

Kristoff Limitada Corojo - Matador
List Price: $280.00
Price: $179.99
Weight: 0 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6.5 inches
Toro Gordo

Kristoff Limitada Corojo Matador - Box of 20 - Kristoff Corojo Limitada Matador cigars are made with one purpose only, and that is to compete against the Cuban cigar brands. This new Kristoff Limitada Corojo cigar is so good it tastes way better than any Cuban cigar for half the price, so you can"t go wrong with these Kristoff Corojo Limitada cigars. This Kristoff Corojo Matador Limitada cigar is made with only the best Cuban seeds available in the world today to give the tobacco that Havana flavor. The blend is a mixture of well aged Cuban seed tobaccos from Domincan Republic and Nicaragua that will make you have a jaw dropping taste, and have you begging for more. The Kristoff Limitada Corojo cigar is designed to satisfy the most discriminating cigar lover, so grab a box on these discount prices because these bad boys will not last long.

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