Organic Cigars House Blend Habano - 6x60 2 packs

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Organic Cigars House Blend Habano - 6x60 2 packs

Organic Cigars House Blend Habano - 6x60 2 packs
List Price: $10.00
Price: $5.95
Weight: 1 lb
Dominican Republic
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6 inches
Double Toro

Organic House Blend 6x60 Cigars: This is the best valued cigar in the world. The 100% Organic House Blend cigars is one of our top selling cigar lines, and rightfully so these cigars are organically made without any of those nasty dies or flavoring. After 4 long years and visiting all the cigar factories around the world we decided to go with this particular blend to put our name on because it’s all organic unlike most of the famous cigar lines out there today. These cigar taste the way tobacco should without any additives. The tobacco in the Organic house blend cigar is grown in a small private farm in the regions of the Dominican Republic by the world renown cigar maker Miguel Hernandez. After harvesting, the leaves are carefully cured, and then aged four years to produce a rich-tasting, well-balanced blend. These mild to medium-bodied cigars have a pure, natural tobacco flavor augmented by woody notes

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