Herrera Esteli by Drew Estates

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Drew Estate Herrera Esteli

Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate: These are exciting times for the Drew Estate. Since reigning in the master blender Willy Herrera to be their instrument to make a new and exciting cigar, times have never been so good for Drew Estate. Willy took the job like a fish does to water, and he was given carte blanche to make the best possible cigars for Drew Estate and Willy came through in a big way, but not without sweat & tears to finally end up with the Herrera Esteli. Willy was not only successful, he put the Drew Estate on the Cigar Aficionado’s prestigious magazine as being the number eight cigar on their top 25 cigars of the year. What an accomplishment for the first time the Drew Estate has managed to do this since their conception in 2004.

 The Herrera Esteli has an assortment of the finest tobaccos and with a lot of trial and error Willy managed to make one of Drew estates finest cigars in their repertoire.The HERRARA ESTELI is a big hit with the cigar consumer. Ty Law a customer at NHCIGARS.COM said: “This cigar is worthy of the number eight spot. It feels and tastes like a real Cuban at an affordable price for the average smoker. I will be buying these cigars from now on. It is just a great smoke.”

The Herrera Esteli is a classic shaped natural blend and is a middle bodied beauty that gives off a taste of cedar with hints of chocolate and cinnamon at the foot of the cigar. Drew Estate is happy, Willy Herrera is happy and the consumer is happy, so what are you waiting for go and get yours now. They are available online at just a click of the button. It’s worth it.

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