Caldwell The King Is Dead Premier Robusto – Box of 24


Caldwell The King Is Dead Premier (5.5 x 50) Robusto Box of 24

Caldwell’s “The King Is Dead Premier” cigar offers a taste experience that combines sophistication with boldness, making it a compelling choice for aficionados seeking refined flavors. This cigar features a dark and oily wrapper that wraps around a carefully curated blend of aged tobaccos. Initiating with a burst of spicy and peppery notes, the flavor journey evolves into a symphony of rich dark cocoa and espresso, with subtle undertones of leather.

With a medium-to-full body profile, “The King Is Dead Premier” caters to seasoned enthusiasts. The cigar showcases Caldwell’s dedication to precision, displaying impeccable construction and an effortless draw. Whether savored during moments of contemplation or shared camaraderie, it epitomizes a harmonious blend of accessible luxury, welcoming all to indulge in the intricacies of its captivating taste profiles.

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