CAO Amazon Basin Extra Anejo Toro Box of 18

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The CAO Amazon Basin Extra Añejo is finally released, and is another smash hit from the CAO gang. A traditional Toro sized cigar  6″ x 52. The Ecuadorian Sumatra tobacco is some of the tastiest tobacco wrappers in the cigar world and the new CAO Amazon Basin uses this top notch leaf for a wrapper.  The binder is a peppery Nicaraguan binder and the long fillers are from Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic and has Bragança tobacco. The Bragança tobacco is what makes this cigar special.  The Bragança tobacco comes from the Amazon rainforest. The tobacco is harvested just once every three years and then it’s rolled into tubes for six months for additional aging. The process of getting the tobacco out of the Amazon involves transportation from canoes and help from the locals. A very amazing cigar, and this should be on everyone’s ( top hits) list.

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