Padron Anniversary 1964 Imperial Maduro (6″ x 54) Box of 25

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Padron 1964 Series Imperial Maduro

The Padron 1964 Imperial Maduro stands as an absolute masterpiece. A true embodiment of the Padron family’s unwavering dedication to the art of cigar making. As a distinguished member of the esteemed Padron 1964 Anniversary Series is meticulously crafted in honor of the company’s 30th anniversary in 1994. Padron 1964 Imperial Maduro cigar is unquestionably a shining jewel in the world of premium smokes.

A rich and velvety Maduro wrapper promises a truly luxurious journey for the senses. First puff it reveals a symphony of flavors that dance gracefully on the palate, featuring sumptuous notes of dark chocolate, velvety espresso, and a tantalizing hint of spice, all meticulously nurtured through years of aging.

However, it’s not just the exquisite flavor profile that sets the Imperial Maduro apart; it’s the impeccable construction. The quality will ensure a smooth, effortless draw with an even burn. Beyond being a mere smoke, it’s a compelling invitation to savor life’s most exceptional moments with unrivaled elegance and sophistication, making it the quintessential choice for cigar aficionados who seek nothing short of an unparalleled and unforgettable smoking experience.

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