Rocky Patel Edge Maduro Howitzer (7″x70) Box of 10


Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro Howitzer box of 20

Rocky Patel’s The Edge Maduro Howitzer, with its impressive 7″x70 size, is a cigar that stands out for its bold and substantial smoking experience. The Maduro wrapper, chosen for its dark and rich characteristics, brings a deep chocolatey flavor to the forefront. This large Howitzer cigar is full-bodied, offering a strong yet smooth combination of sweetness and subtle hints of coffee. With its sizable dimensions, it’s a choice for those who enjoy a longer, more leisurely smoke. The construction ensures an easy draw and an even burn, making it suitable for both seasoned enthusiasts and those new to cigars. Whether you’re unwinding alone or sharing with friends, The Edge Maduro Howitzer promises a satisfying journey through its expertly crafted blend and robust, enjoyable flavors.

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