Homeros E-liquid F Bomb

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Homeros E-liquid F Bomb
Homeros E-liquid F Bomb
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Homeros E-liquid F Bomb

Homeros E-liquid F Bomb
List Price: $20.00
Price: $7.99
Weight: 2 lb

Homeros E-liquid F Bomb 15ml Bottle of e juice F Bombs.That's right you will be dropping F Bombs in-front of your kids, parents, and grandmothers. Always made in the USA by the best guys in the vape business "Homero” the Homero E liquid is a top stellar blend of 80% VG with 20% PG mix. The Homero E liquid F Bomb has a flavor profile of a cherry guava, and a hint of raspberries. If you're rocking any kind of e cig pen or a variable voltage set up this e juice blend will taste awesome. If you're a MOD maniac, the Homero e liquid will have you chasing serious clouds.

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