PAX3 Vaporizer Full Kit

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PAX3 Vaporizer Full Kit

PAX3 Vaporizer Full Kit
List Price: $300.00
Price: $275.99
Weight: 2 lb

The PAX 3 or better yet the PAX V3 (Version 3) has just made the best herbal vaporizer on the market even better. With a sleek look and feel the PAX3 is geared for the herbal and wax extract users in mind. The Pax3 is a dual purpose vaporizer that can use wax or herbs, and is absolutely perfect for on the go use. The PAX3 has recently added some game changing updates to their already perfect vaporizer. Back by a 10 year hassle free warranty the PAX3 will give you the confidence you need when purchasing a high end vaporizer. Nobody in the vaporizer industry can even touch that warranty period.  

Newest updates with the PAX3

1. Dual Purpose for herbs or wax concentrates.

2. Battery life will last longer.

3. Heats up in 15 seconds compared to 1 min with the Pax2

4. You can use a phone app to adjust your Pax3, and that's pretty awesome. 

5. Lip guard sensors, the PAX3 will actually sense you lips on the device and adjust the temperature. What? How is that even possible? I’ll explain later on.

6. 4 different temperatures and settings for that perfect vape experience.  

Pax3 Vape Quality and Performance

The PAX3 is a serious game changer for those who want a quality (dual purpose) wax or herbal vapor experience with zero hassle. The cloud production for the PAX3 is seriously awesome, and better than another portable dry herb and wax vape in the industry. The draw is flawless and the oven is even deeper than the original, so you can stack more herbs more evenly to get a better vape experience. The vapor the PAX3 produces is smoother and more comfortable. If you like to take huge hits, or take small hits the PAX3 can do both. The PAX3 vapor production is very impressive for its size. The draw on the new PAX v3 is better than the original and freer flowing when you’re taking pull which helps the taste and smooth’s out the vapor.

PAX3 Battery Life

The PAX3 Vaporizer battery life last for 90mins of vape time, or better yet the PAX3 battery will last around 10-12 sessions. The charging time is around 2-3 hours which is pretty standard for the newer higher milliamp batteries.

PAX3 High Tech lip Guard Sensors

The lip sensor technology is by far the best update for the PAX3. The PAX3 can automatically sense your lips on the device and the PAX3 will adjust the temperature in the oven accordingly to the air-flow of the oven. So in other words, you will not be wasting any precious herbal material and your vapor production will taste even better.

The PAX 3 Oven

The PAX 3 oven holds around .3 grams of you tastiest herbal material, and you can expect to receive up to 15 clean full hits from the PAX3 with a single fill. If you like to take small hits your PAX3 will give you around 20 hits of dry herbal vape awesomeness. The finer your herbal material is, the more vapor the PAX3 will produce.

Cleaning and Maintenance on the PAX3 Vaporizer

After 2-3 sessions you will want to scrub the screens, so that the air flow and oven can operate freely without any material blocking the vent holes. The mouth pieces do not have to be cleaned out like the original PAX. The PAX3 comes with the necessary cleaning tools when purchased. Content credited from 



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