Padron Anniversary 1964 Torpedo Maduro (6″ x 52) Box of 20

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Padron 1964 Series Torpedo Maduro

The Padron 1964 Torpedo Maduro is a true masterpiece. As you embark on the journey of savoring this exceptional cigar, you’ll immediately notice its immaculate construction. Moreover, the rich, dark Maduro wrapper beckons with an air of mystery, promising a flavor adventure that’s unparalleled. As you ignite this fine cigar, you’re met with a tantalizing burst of black pepper and earthy nuances, serving as an exciting prelude to what’s to come.

You’ll taste rich notes of dark cocoa and espresso emerge, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Amidst the boldness, a subtle sweetness peeks through, adding an intriguing contrast to the robust, peppery elements.

The draw is exceptionally smooth, ensuring that each puff is a pleasure to savor. What truly sets this cigar apart is its unwavering consistency, where the flavors hold true from the very first puff to the final exhale. The Torpedo shape not only adds to the allure of the cigar but also serves to concentrate and intensify the flavors, making it a perfect choice for aficionados and newcomers alike.

In essence, the Padron 1964 Torpedo Maduro is a cigar that leaves an indelible mark, delivering a captivating and rich experience from start to finish. Buy a box today if they’re in stock because these sell ultra quickly.


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