Rocky Patel Brothers Torpedo Cigars

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Rocky Patel Brothers Torpedo Cigars

Rocky Patel Brothers Torpedo Cigars
List Price: $245.00
Price: $149.99
Weight: 0 lb
Ring Gauge: 
Cigar Length: 
6.5 inches

Rocky Patel Brothers Torpedo - box of 20 - Rocky Patel Brothers Torpedo cigars : The dream has finally become reality for the Patel brothers "Nish & Rocky". The Patel brothers teamed up and created the best cigar that Rocky Patel has distributed in to the cigar market so far. The Patel Bro's cigar has been a special project for Rocky and his Brother Nish because both their names are on the final product and they wanted to get it perfect. The Patel Bros cigar is perfectly blended with well aged Nicaraguan tobacco fillers that give the Rocky Patel Bro's cigar that awesome peppery kick that so many cigar lovers enjoy today. What makes this cigar Rocky Patel cigar really unique is that the Patel Bros cigar is wrapped by a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper which nobody does anymore in the cigar industry. The Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper gives that perfect slow burn and is also know to not canoe on you while you smoke it. The presentation on the Patel Bros cigars are outstanding from the all-Spanish-Cedar box to the impressive labeling on the cigar. With all Rocky Patel cigars loved by so many, this cigar stands alone from the rest of the Rocky Patel cigars, so gab a box of the Rocky Patel Brothers Torpedo cigars and enjoy that full-bodied taste of the Rocky Patel Bro's cigars

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