CLE Cigar Review

CLE cigars

The CLE cigars are the first release from Christian Eiroa the former owner of the popular brand Camacho cigars. Christian brought along his lifelong knowledge of the cigar making business when he started this new cigar company. These all new CLE cigars come in three different blends that target the all types of cigar smokers such as the Mild CLE Connecticut, Medium CLE Cuarenta, and the CLE Corojo that’s for the Full-bodied cigar lover.

CLE Connecticut

The CLE Connecticut cigar uses a well-aged Honduran Gown long-filler with binder for an ultra-smooth, but well balanced blend. With 4 different sizes available: CLE Connecticut 11/18 - CLE Connecticut Corona Gorda - CLE Connecticut Robusto - CLE Connecticut Sixty 6x60

CLE Cuarenta

The CLE Cuarenta cigars is the go to cigar for anyone looking for a solid medium bodied cigar. The fillers on these CLE Cuarenta cigars are a blend of spicy Honduran tobaccos with a ultra-awesome Habano wrapper. With 4 different sizes available: CLE Cuarenta 11/18 - CLE Cuarenta Corona Gorda - CLE Cuarenta Robusto - CLE Cuarenta Sixty 6x60

CLE Corojo

The CLE Corojo is 100% authentic corojo tobacco which is very rare in the cigar world, as most advertised corojo cigars today are only 10%-20% real corojo tobacco. This CLE Corojo is pure authentic. With 4 different sizes available: CLE Corojo 11/18 - CLE Corojo Corona Gorda - CLE Corojo Robusto - CLE Corojo Sixty 6x60