Padron Serie 1926 No.9 (5.25″ x 56) Box of 24

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Padron 1926 Anniversary #9

Tailored for those who relish a medium-bodied profile, the #9 Natural delivers a robust and indulgent smoking experience. The strength of the cigar complements its intricate flavor palette, striking a delicate equilibrium that underscores the mastery inherent in Padron’s cigar-making legacy. In essence, the Padron 1926 Anniversary #9 Natural is a symbol of excellence, offering cigar connoisseurs a luxurious and unforgettable indulgence for the senses.

What distinguishes the Padron 1926 #9 Natural is its unwavering consistency, ensuring a depth of flavor throughout the entire smoking journey. The cigar’s unique size with a larger ring gauge adds an element of novelty, providing aficionados with a dynamic and immersive exploration of taste.


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